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Shadow on Concrete Wall

Meet the Artist

Ciao! I'm Elisa Giacona, a plant-based artist making plant-based art in the St. Petersburg//Tama Bay area (formerly serving South Jersey // Philly area.)  I have been passionate about henna since 2014 when I picked up a henna cone for the first time.  In the beginning, I would copy try to replicate designs I saw but have since established my own style. I have learned from some of the best henna artists from around the world attending workshop conferences in New Jersey, New York and California.  I practice everyday in order to grow as an artist and provide beautiful and fresh body art for each unique canvas.  My work is heavily inspired by Moroccan henna style, visionary art, sacred geometry, botanical elements and the canvas // person I am adorning.

I only use my homemade natural henna paste to create each freehand design.

.:.adorning you with magic leaf sauce.:.

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